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A platform for managing dedicated devices at retail outlets and offices

Here Plus Now is an Enterprise Mobility Management solution for managing mobile devices with interactive experiences at retail outlets and offices.

It tailors the experience based on location and time. Content can be targeted by location - from geographical regions, to local markets and stores, and down to devices located feet apart from each other. Content can be scheduled to change by day or hour or be pushed in real-time within milliseconds to create live experience takeovers. It provides real-time mobile device management, hands-free deployment, automated content generation, on-the-go monitoring and reporting across thousands of venues across a large organization.


Our platform powers over 60,000 dedicated devices across thousands of venues across US, including AT&T retail stores and national retail chains running year-round non-stop experiences.

AT&T Retail Stores, Best Buy, Walmart, Mobile World Congress Barcelona, AT&T Entertainment Headquarters

Here Plus Now Console: Activity Dashboard

Here Plus Now Console provides role based access to cross-functional teams for managing the device policies, content, templates, targeting rules, workflow, analytics and experiments.

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Cloud Automation
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Real-time Reporting
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Here Plus Now is an
Android EMM Provider for
Dedicated Device Management

Device Setup, Device Security,
Google Play App Management,
Device Management, Device Usability
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A platform for managing dedicated devices at retail outlets and offices

About Us

We launched Here Plus Now in 2019 with extensive industry experience in software development, user experience and business strategy. Over the last few decades, our past work has won industry recognition and awards time and again. View our past work

At Here Plus Now, we are putting our vision and skills to the test and evolving how devices in a retail store interact with shoppers, and how shoppers interact with them. We are making device management and content management simple, yet sophisticated, through cloud automation and AI.

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